Sunday, February 24, 2013

This is my first blog and my first blog post. I had a Livejournal back in the day, but that was a mess I'm not looking to go back to.

I left Philadelphia (after living there for just about nine years) one year ago. My love and I got rid of most of our belongings, packed up the pets, and left all of our beloved clothes, books, animals, friends, and family and travelled Europe for two and a half months.

We spent seven months living in Westchester, living the life of a suburban commuter. We did it well, I must say. Now we have non-profit jobs and live in Manhattan, eat delicious vegan food, have adventures with friends, and try to keep our heads above the water in this really intense city we both feel totally at home in.

I'm currently in the midst of struggle to finish out the dwindling months of my 20's and enter my 30's gracefully, successfully, and with a clearer sense of where I'm headed. I have enough schemes and dreams for countless lifetimes, and narrowing it all down is impossible or painful at best.

This my effort to find a creative outlet, something that is real and authentic and meaninful, even if it is just to me. I live in NYC with my talented and amazing partner, sweet little cat and dog, and try to surround myself with things that are beautiful, vegan, queer, Italian, feminist, delicious, subversive, and soothing.