Monday, September 2, 2013

Things I did during the summer of 2013

I haven't written in here in a few weeks... This summer's end has been quite hectic, and another time of transition. I left my job at Planned Parenthood of NYC and ventured into the world of advertising. It's really different, but so far I am literally in love with what I'm doing. It feels incredible to be in a creative, innovative environment and to be truly respected and valued by my co-workers. This is the first job I've had in a long time/ever where I haven't been treated like a clueless idiot. I'm very much looking forward to where this all takes me.

This summer was also one of the summer-y-est summers I've had in a few years. Last year, we had just come back from our two and a half month trip abroad and were still adjusting/finding our path. Girl Scout Camp definitely had a profound impact on my life last summer, but outside of that I felt frustrated by the lack of beach/friend/summer hijinks due to money, life shit, etc. This year, we had a little bit more freedom to explore and enjoy our newly-settled NYC life. In the Spring we ventured to Washington DC and Salem/Boston, Mass. for quick-but-restorative adventures. We took full advantage of the awesome public pool across the street, went to Riis beach with friends and had a gay ol' time (pun intended), went to Rehoboth with dear friends, the Jersey Shore twice with other dear friends, Ithaca for a magical wedding, Philly, visits to Girl Scouts Camp, the Ren Faire, baseball games, pools in Westchester and NJ, and more. I felt truly, uncomplicatedly happy this summer. Something I haven't felt in..... years. Like maybe 7 years or more. 

This gives me hope and satisfaction that getting older (ahem, 30) and having a very responsible job/life isn't the end of the fun and uninhibited adventurous spirit I try to carry. I no longer feel a pang of bitterness thinking about the summer of 2003, which up until this point had been the best summer of my life. It was filled with punk roadtrips, doing the most amazing wacky stuff with a huge group of dear friends, and moving to Philly. Now, ten years later, my life in NYC is solidifying and it's shaped up to be something that does actually nourish my heart and makes me feel proud. 

Here's a little list of some of my summer highlights. I love lists, and I love summer. Feel free to share your own summer re-caps in the comments!